• More than 40 years of experience in the area of manufacture and repair of parts for reciprocating compressors.
  • Quality Management System implemented and certified under the ISO 9001, since 2001.
  • Work based on continuous improvement, use of management benchmarks that allows to verify and control the processes.
  • High quality products and services offered. Specifications and tolerances are based on technical requirements of the original equipment manufacturers and the experience in the industry, which are documented, updated and controlled by the Quality Management and Assurance Staff.
  • Trained personnel, duly qualified and with vast experience. Constant training processes.
  • Approved and reliable suppliers, with a long track record of working with the company.
  • Installed capacity that includes modern equipment and tooling that meet the demand of customers.
  • Response time adapted to customer’s needs.
  • Approval and release by qualified technicians, in the area of Control and Quality Assurance, of products manufactured or repaired.
  • Metrology Laboratory with certified standards, international traceability and trained personnel, who are responsible for the maintenance and calibration of all measuring instruments in our facilities.