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Environment Policy

Servi Compresores aware of its corporate responsibility to society and environmental conservation, establishes as a guideline the rational and efficient use of natural resources through the continuous improvement and innovation of its processes. To ensure observance of this policy, it is committed to comply with the following objectives:


  • Implement and maintain the Environmental Management System according to the current needs and requirements of the Company.
  • Maintain and control the processes and operational activities of the Company, through the identification and establishment of environmental plans and procedures.
  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations associated with the processes and products of the Company.
  • Rational use of resources to contribute to sustainable development, recycling, control of waste and improvement of living conditions of workers and surrounding communities.
  • Promote and guide our workers and the community on a participative, proactive and responsible attitude about the prevention, conservation and protection of the environment in the areas under the influence of Servi Compresores, C.A.
Environmental Commitment Declaration

Servi Compresores, C.A is committed to:

  • Integrate environmental management systems that facilitate continuous improvement and quality parameters.
  • Optimize the monitoring of possible impacts ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to protect the environment.
  • Promote training, awareness and environmental education among workers and neighborhood communities.
  • Involve suppliers and contractors in the fulfillment of our environmental commitment.
  • Disseminate the objectives and actions derived from the environmental policy.
  • Rational use of resources to contribute to sustainable development and the improvement of living conditions in our society.
  • Promote initiatives of greater environmental responsibility and good practices.
  • Encourage the development and use of technologies that respect the environment.
  • Environmental Management Program approved and implemented.
  • Enrolled in the Registry of Activities Capable of Degrading the Environment (RACDA # G-11-14-594).
  • Continuous training of personnel about environmental issues.
  • Identification, management and storage of hazardous substances and wastes according to established norms and laws and the execution of the final disposal.
  • Integration of customers, suppliers and neighboring communities in environmental management.